Moving into your first apartment is a big step, especially if you’re taking the independent path and living on your own. That being said, going from sharing a space with roommates or family to having an entire living space to yourself can feel overwhelming and exciting at the same time, as you finally get to discover your own sense of style. If you’re getting ready to move into your first apartment and you need help deciding how to start the decorating process, this post is for you! Continue reading below where we will provide you with a few tips that will set you up for decorating success.

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Find Furniture That Multi-Tasks

One thing that many renters struggle with — especially if they are living in an apartment that is on the smaller side — is storage. For this reason, we recommend trying to find furniture that can multitask. For example, if you rented a one-bedroom apartment, but you know that you will plan on having guests over at some point, you can always invest in a couch that easily converts into a bed. Another option is to find an ottoman with storage so that you have a place to put all your blankets, gaming accessories, and more! There are plenty of multitasking options available, and finding the right items gives you room to be creative with your decor.

Start With Found Art

While things like furniture and pillows are important for your new space, most people will argue that the art on the walls is what really brings the room together. However, art can quickly become expensive, and now is not the time to start investing in fancy artwork. Instead, consider visiting your local thrift shop to see what kind of artwork they have available, or buy some cute frames and hang your favorite photos on the walls. If you are someone who considers themselves artistic, you can also buy canvases at a local craft store and make your own art to display on your walls.

Be Picky With Freebies

As you’re getting ready to move into your new place, you may come across family members or old friends who are looking to get rid of furniture or other items, and you may be tempted to take them up on their offer, especially if it’s free. However, we recommend being picky with any potential freebies. Moving into your own place gives you the opportunity to cultivate your own sense of style, but that can be difficult to do if you end up stuck with everyone else’s unwanted belongings. Ideally, you want your new place to be a reflection of you and your style. That being said, if you find yourself having to take furniture off someone else’s hands because the offer is just too good, consider making minor improvements to make the giveaway your own.

Don’t Buy Everything at Once

Once you’ve secured a place to live, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the excitement of moving, and you may want to start buying things for your new place right away. Moving in itself can be expensive, especially if you’re planning to hire movers or rent a moving truck. While there are some items that are essential for your new place, it’s best to try and refrain from buying everything for your apartment all at once. If you’re finding it difficult to keep yourself from spending more money on decor and other little things, consider making a list of everything you need and want for your apartment. After creating the list, go through and mark down everything that is essential for comfortable living, such as a bed, sheets, plates, cups, etc. Everything that you didn’t mark as essential are things you can take your time buying in the future.

Decorate With Plants

If you’re worried that your new place will feel drab and a little lifeless, one way to make it come alive is with plants! You may even be surprised at what adding a little green to your life can do. Even if you aren’t someone who has a green thumb, adding fake plants throughout your apartment can have the same effect. Consider adding plants to your bathroom, counters, bar cart, or any other area that needs a little life.

Ready to Move?

Hopefully, this blog has inspired you to start decorating your new apartment. If you’re looking to move, but you haven’t quite found the perfect place, Minnix Property Management is here to help! We proudly work with a large number of property owners throughout West Texas, which allows us to give prospective tenants an extensive list of available house and apartment rentals. As an added bonus, when you choose from our listings, you can rest assured that our team of professional property managers will be able to help you with all of your needs. Stop searching around for that perfect place, and visit Minnix Property Management to view our apartment rental listings today!

We look forward to working with you!