Property Management

Owning multiple properties is a large burden to carry. For some, owning a single investment property is an overwhelming load itself. With the help of property management companies, the pressure is removed from your shoulders so all you have to do is watch rent revenue build. Minnix Property Management is the premier west Texas property management company. Here is a look at what we do and the responsibilities we take off landlords’ hands.


Putting your properties on the market can be a tricky task as you don’t want to charge a price so high that no interest will be generated, but you also want to avoid losing money by listing the vacancy too low. Property management companies not only have the tools to conduct market research to help owners determine an appropriate rental rate, but they also provide a major hand in accessing a broad, interested audience. At Minnix, we know how to target candidates to fulfill vacancies through our marketing.

Woman shaking hands with maintenance workerMaintenance and Repair

Marketing is futile if the income property is not appealing to the public. This is why property management companies perform routine maintenance inspections to ensure the listings are in great condition. Our team at Minnix not only intends to sustain your property’s value, we aim to increase its value through improving the furnishing and conducting preventative maintenance tasks.

Handle Rent

If you have an abundance of properties, it is likely that you are unable to check in with all your tenants. Like everything else, property management companies take care of your tenant relations from the get-go. From tenant screening to rent collection to disputes and evictions, it all is handled by our experienced team.

Property manager communicating with ownersCommunicate

Despite all that is covered by property management teams, owners are not removed from the picture. At Minnix, we stay in touch with landlords ensuring that they have control over their properties. When it comes to big decisions, the autonomy belongs to the owners. Having consistent communication is one of the most important things property management companies do.

Property management companies undertake many tasks and responsibilities to help landlords effectively run their properties. In the long run, hiring a property management company saves property owners not just money, but a great deal of time and effort. If you are a landlord in the west Texas area, hire Minnix Property Management to make your life easier. Contact us today for more information on the superior services we provide.