As a rental property owner, it’s your job to manage the upkeep and renovations of your property. In an effort to save money, some property managers may only repaint the walls or clean the carpets between tenants. However, over time, doing the bare minimum could leave you struggling to find quality tenants. In today’s post, we will provide you with a few ideas of renovations you can make to your rental property so that it is appealing to the right kind of tenants.

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The Kitchen

It’s no secret that most people searching for a place to live desire a big kitchen with updated appliances and nice countertops. Depending on the layout of your rental property, you may not be able to update how big a kitchen is, but you can still make other changes, such as updating appliances and fixtures, painting the cabinets, and more! This is especially something to consider if your rental property has older appliances. While they may still work, most potential tenants are interested in newer appliances.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is another area of your home that could always use a little sprucing up. Some of the most common areas you can update are the flooring, the fixtures such as the faucet and cabinets, and the shower/tub. If you have old flooring that has been exposed to moisture, it may be time to replace it. Another option is to regrout the tile to help protect it from moisture damage from future tenants. If you really want to make a big change, you can also consider updating a tub into a standing shower.

Replace Flooring

The floors are another area of your rental property that may become worn down with age. If you have carpets that are stained or have a weird smell, it may be a good time to replace them for something new and fresh. Perhaps you have old linoleum floors that are separating in the corners or look a little faded. Whatever the case may be, replacing and potentially updating the floors in your rental property can really give the place an updated look that new tenants will love.

Update the Paint

If you want to keep your rental property looking its best, at the very least you should update the paint on the walls between tenants, especially if the last tenant lived in the property for a long time. Paint can absorb smells, and the walls can get scuffed from normal everyday living. The last thing a new tenant wants is to move into a house or apartment with a weird smell and scuffed or dirty walls. Additionally, if you allow your tenants to paint or hang things on the walls, painting after they leave will give you a chance to patch any holes and give the rental property a clean slate.

Add Storage

You can never have too much storage space, especially in a rental property, and adding storage is a great way to update the property if you’ve recently made some of the other updates listed above. Consider adding more shelves or a pantry to the kitchen or a nice shelving unit for the bathroom. There are many different ways you can add storage both discreetly and creatively which will definitely make a difference for your tenants.

Let Us Take Care of Everything Else

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