When you are the property owner or manager of a rental home or apartment complex that is pet-friendly, one concern you may have is how to keep all your tenants happy, especially if some of them have pet allergies. As the property owner, it’s your responsibility to make reasonable accommodations for those with pet allergies, and in part one of this series, we discussed the difference between reasonable and unreasonable accommodations. While you don’t have to ban pets from your entire complex just for one person, there are a few things you can do to help prevent issues from arising. In today’s post we will discuss a few things you can do before your new tenant moves in to remove any allergens from a previous tenant who owned a pet.

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Change Air Filters and Ducts

Dander is one of the main triggers for pet allergies, and because dander is so small, it can get trapped by air filters or even make its way into the air ducts. In either case, you’ll need to clean the air ducts and replace the filters in order to ensure that you don’t have any pet dander circulating through the apartment. Even if you remove the carpets and deep clean the apartment, pet dander can still reside in the air ducts, which can cause problems the first time your new tenant uses their air conditioning or heat.

To help prevent the spread of pet dander, make sure you always change the air filters between tenants. Additionally, it may be worth it to have a professional come and clean the HVAC ducts to really eliminate any lingering pet dander.

Remove Exposed Furniture

Just as pet dander can live in the air ducts and filters, it can also live within the furniture. If the apartments or homes you manage come fully furnished, you may want to consider replacing them or having them professionally cleaned after you have a tenant living there who has pets. Simply spraying the furniture with disinfectant may remove any pet smells, but it won’t remove the dander. Some furniture such as coffee tables or other wooden furniture may be safe with a thorough cleaning, but upholstered furniture such as couches or chairs may require a deeper clean or a complete replacement. If you find that you’re having to constantly replace the furniture, you may consider offering unfurnished apartments or keep some apartments reserved for tenants without pets.

Replace or Wash Carpet Between Tenants

The carpets are another area where pet dander and allergens can lurk. Depending on how long the previous tenant lived in the apartment or home, there are a couple things you can do to tackle the pet dander and prevent issues with a tenant who is allergic to pets. If the previous tenant didn’t live in the apartment very long, you may be able to get away with hiring a professional to come and clean the carpet, as cleaning the carpet is much more effective against dander than just vacuuming. If the tenant lived in the apartment for two or more years, it may be in your best interest to replace the carpet entirely. Because replacing carpet can be expensive, consider covering the common areas in wood or vinyl flooring or even offering your tenants yearly carpet cleaning.

Let Minnix Manage Your Properties

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