What Is Brownfield Known For?

Located in the center of Terry County, Brownfield rests on a deposit that is called the Blackwater Draw Formation. Underneath this unique formation lie the deposits that make up the vast Ogallala Aquifer. Cotton is still a major industry across the South Plains, and you can see the cotton fields being harvested each fall in Brownfield. Brownfield has also been a major player in the oil and gas industry.

Fun Activities in Brownfield

When you are ready to get out and enjoy your free time, there are a number of fun things to do near Brownfield. At West Texas Adventures, you can take advantage of hunting on privately owned land almost year-round. At the Triple D Winery and Restaurant you can enjoy a bottle of wine with your meal and listen to live music in the gazebo. The Terry County Heritage Museum is located in the former home of one of the founders of Brownfield — A. M. Brownfield — and features numerous displays about the history of the town and county. When you rent your home with Minnix Property Management, you can spend the whole day out and about exploring all that Brownfield has to offer, and then come home to your cozy space.

Rent With Minnix

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